Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Post outsourced

I have finally done it. I have outsourced my first blog entry. Any wild guesses as to who wrote this, but it’s not me. Just someone doing my job. Ah, it feels good. Stuff is getting done! I have accomplished something - without really doing it. In either case, I am not sitting idle. I am doing other substantial work as well, but reveling in the notion that other equally substantial work is being done as I would have wanted to. And it’s not a question of cheap labor or anything - it’s just a profitable relationship where one person gives and the other person takes. No harm done, no feelings hurt. So the bottom line is: I have updated my blog. By the way, just came across this this hilarious account of Saurav Ganguly’s situation. Must read.

Nuclear family

They met at a friend's wedding, fell in love, married, had two lovely daughters. After 10 years they could not get along with each other, got divorced. They went looking for love again. The wife found it, the husband did not. The daughters live with their mother and her new husband. Their father has not found love, but he has married again. The daughters now have a new mother and a new father. That depressed them so they killed themselves. That depressed their parents so they also killed themselves. Their spouses married each other.
And now this blog has been updated.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Dead farmers and the media

I like this by Sonia Faleiro , a Mumbai-based journalist and this by Hemangini Gupta, yet another journalist.
There are too many stories slipping through the cracks because media houses are too busy chasing the presumed interests of their target audience.