Friday, July 29, 2005

Poor me

How much is "ek karod biyasi lakh dollars" in rupees anyway? Just heard on one of the news channels (the tackier one that has been around for a long while) that that is how much Maria Sharapova made last year. In ONE year.
I won't make that in ten lifetimes.
Suddenly I am not feeling so blessed anymore, not that I mostly do, but now i feel even more less so.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Live and let live

If the world is only black and white without shades of gray, then life will be difficult. Unless of course each one of us has our own individual sets of black and white. What is an absolute black for me, might not be so for another, in fact it might even be the absolute opposite. So then would there being grays in this world really mean that I have one set of standards for myself and another for others?
And if the world only had shades of gray, without any absolutes, we would flounder, won't we? Be buffetted in one direction by one strong current and in an absolutely oppposite direction by another. That doesn't sound too good.
I think it would be easier to just live by one's own rules and allow others to do the same.
Having solved my life's biggest problems, I shall now get back to doing what I do best--watch TV