Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Five stars

I read a lot of blogs. Too many for my own good. Following link after link after link. Have discovered the Tams like to stick to their own, the bongs to their own; inevitable really, but really, extremely annoying. But I came across one that I really liked today
http://alaphia.blogspot.com. Very matter of fact, short and sharp. Real pleasure to read.
In my personal rating system she gets five stars.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


This blog needs an update. This is it.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What NOT to do

I am gearing up for 2006. I have list of resolutions of not what I want or intend to do, but I should NOT do. I really do have nothing better to do for the moment so here goes.
* I will NOT sleep for more than ten hours a day (afternoon siestas are not included in the 10 hours. Also, if I sleep less than 10 hours the previous day, then I need to make up for the loss the next day even if I exceed 10 hours)
* I will NOT finish two boxes of chocolates at one go simply because they are there (But maybe if there are five, I could take it up as a challenge)
* I will NOT put off paying my bills. Not paying them does not mean that eventually somebody will forget that I owe them money. It just means that I have to pay them twice as much
* I will NOT fight arbitrarily with random people on the street for ogling, being rude or being bloody minded enough to get in my way just to irritate me. (Auto-wallahs are not included in this. I will fight with them anytime, anyday)
* I will NOT put off filling petrol in the car because, unlike what Richard Bach would have you believe, machines CANNOT run on air. I will keep trying though.
* I will NOT jump red lights except when I am getting late and others around me are jumping it. (I live in Delhi, so you know what that means. he!he!he!)
* I will NOT exceed the speed limit. Above exceptions apply
* I will NOT demand or expect gifts (People who do not live in India, this most definitely does NOT apply to you irrespective of how many clothes/chocolates/perfumes/etc you think I have. I always have room for more)
* I will NOT honk at those who do not whiz off the moment the light turns green. Does not apply if somebody is honking behind me. Then I join junta in the honking.
* I will NOT make excuses to not exercise unless I have had the five boxes of chocolates, it is too hot, too cold, there is too much to watch on TV, we have family or friends visiting, I have to attend social-dos, there is too much work or if I need to catch up on lost sleep.
* I will NOT worry about job/height/weight/age/health/money/finance unless I get fired, get shorter, fatter, balder, unhealthier or poorer.
* I will NOT spend too much time or effort on making silly lists that I have no intentions of sticking to. No exceptions.