Sunday, June 25, 2006


Arunachal remains as beautiful as ever. Would help though if the rain would let up a bit. Seems to me I complain too much. In Delhi, I complain that it does not rain enough and now that I am in a place where it has been raining non-stop for the last seven days, it seems to me that this could be that phenomenon called too much of a good thing.

An aside -- Seems to me like a lot of people coming to this blog are from the United States. Almost 80 percent. I find that puzzling.

The problem with so much rain is that creepy-crawlies thrive in it. Saw a beesa after a years today. That is the Assamese name for a furry, inch-long insect, which if you touch or even brush against accidentally creates a reaction that leaves one scratching the spot for ages. It is not at all pleasant.

There are leeches too. Too many of them.

Now for the good part. It is fun sleeping with a light blanket in peak summer. And not having the fan on.

The greenery is astounding. Lush, blooming, spouting, growing, infringing, inundating. The trees, the undergrowth want to push human beings out. This is their time, their day and their age. They are winning. Soon we will only have plants everywhere. The creepers will enter through cracks in the walls and windows and strangle people while they are still sleeping. The leeches and the beesa will then feast on the corpses. Maybe some other insects will spin cocoons around the bodies and the larva will feed off the bones and the eyes and the rotting flesh. And then we will have a whole new world, where only insects shall reign. Maybe it will be a better world than the one we have created.