Sunday, June 26, 2005


We have stripped women and put those images on all mediums. A scantily clad woman raises no eyebrows. It is de rigeur--to sell clothes, cars, books, conferences. The point is why haven't we done the same to men? Is it because it is men who make all the decisions or is it because they are aesthetically so unappealing that nobody wants to look at them? If there were more women who were decisionmakers, would we then have more images of close-to-nude men and fewer images of such women? Or would it be status quo?

Friday, June 10, 2005

Chasing the monsoon

Monsoon is the hot topic of the day. Sometimes I really wonder what the Mughals and the Brits saw in Delhi to make it the capital of the country. If they had to spend so much money to build a city, why could they not have chosen one with a better climate. I wish we still had this system of summer and winter capitals. It is crazy crazy to live in Delhi in summer. Sheer madness. Curse the Brits! And the Mughals. And it never ever really rains enough to slake this city's thirst.
Read this book recently, a rather old one actually, "Chasing the Monsoon." All style, no substance. All that the author (forget his name) does is chase parties and fellow foreigners during the monsoon. The title of the book was much better than the book. To be fair, the book was very well written. It was a breeze reading it.