Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Poor Aamir

Poor Aamir Khan! seems like the world will just not give his personal life a break.
All TV news channels are now carrying reports on Aamir Khan's illegitmate son with freelance journalist Jessica Hines.
And with this we bury objectivity--Star news is actually saying stuff like "bechara Jaan, is main uski kya galti hai ki uska baap usse nahin milna chahta hai," or something on those lines. How hypocritical. As if they care.
Anyway, turns out he also had an affair with Mamta Kulkarni. That disappointed me. I mean, surely he could have done better than Mamta.
But apart from that, while I avidly follow the news on Aamir's colourful life on television, my sympathies lie strictly with him.


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